HoltonKSWeather.com WRF Model

The HoltonKSWeather.com (aka HKS) WRF is a high-resolution model ran 4x per day centered over NE Kansas. It is a version of the EMS-WRF developed
by the National Weather Service Science and Training Resource Center (STRC). It is a free open-source WRF designed to be used by educational institutions, as
well as National Weather Service offices across the country. This particular instance runs in my apartment in Norman, OK. Some fast facts about the HKS WRF:
-Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop
-Intel Core i7 M620 Running at 2.67GHZ
-4GB of RAM

Run Statistics:
-4km grid spacing
-Runs begin 3 hours after the initilizaton data (NAM) becomes available.
-Runs start at 03z, 09z, 15z, and 21z.
-Average run takes just under an hour.
-24 hour run length at 1 hour intervals.
NOTE: These models are only a forecast. Use at your own risk. HoltonKSWeather is not responsible for botched picnics or family outings due to an inaccurate
model output.
Support/Questions: holtonksweather@gmail.com