How You Can Help
The Banner Creek Science Center Weather Station was made possible by generous donations by community members.
However, the project doesn't stop here. Continued maintenance is required on the weather station hardware, as well
as the server that runs the station and website. Hosting does require out of pocket costs that were
not covered by the donations. Continued donations are required to keep the site up and running. If you would like to
help keep the weather station and this website alive, you can donate using PayPal here:
Jackson County Mesonet
When the Weather Station was installed at BCSC, I knew it could be the start of something great for Holton and Jackson County. From this I formulated the idea for a Jackson County "Mesonet". A Mesonet is defined as a network of weather stations designed to observe mesoscale meteorological phenomena. Typically Mesonets are over a spatial scale of an entire state, however I would like to create a Mesonet for Jackson County. Right now, there are only a handful of stations in Jackson County, and some are unreliable. Residents of towns like Denison, Netawaka ,etc are not receiving as accurate of weather information as they could be, because the data is being pulled from stations far away. In order to achieve the goal of a Jackson County Mesonet, I need help. We need members of the Jackson County community to pitch in and install weather stations at their homes. Once these stations are installed they will report back to a central website, similar to The average cost of each station+network hardware is about $400. Mounting would be done by myself in order to get proper siting. If you are interested in helping out with the Jackson County Mesonet, please email Zach at for more details.